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Payments over time. Payments on time. It's about time.

The Payleadr platform eliminates time consuming and costly manual processes by providing an unparalleled ‘mobile first’ experience to those on both sides of the transaction. Payleadr manages all financial aspects of the customer relationship on a business’ behalf, including the efficient collection of any overdue amounts.


Configure Payment Plan


Using any internet enabled device, a team member can configure the terms of a recurring payment arrangement based on the services being provided.

Digital Data Capture via Mobile Camera


Once configured by the team member, the details of the payment arrangement will be provided to the customer by SMS. Using the camera on their smartphone the customer can effortlessly and securely load payment and contact details.

Customer Confirmation


To establish the payment arrangement the customer will simply review and accept the terms on their own mobile device.

Payment and Customer Management


Payleadr provides a secure portal for merchants to manage their customers and automate their credit control touch points with their customers. Payleadr provides a secure portal for all customers to manage their own accounts.

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Set and forget, let us collect.

The Payleadr platform is suitable for any business that collects recurring payments from their customers, or for any business that seeks to attract more customers by increasing the affordability of their offering through providing greater flexibility to their customers.


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“We have had an awesome experience working with Payleadr to get our direct debit platform up and running before the opening of our business. We would not hesitate to recommend Payleadr to other businesses. The platform is straightforward and simple to use and the support staff are quick to help and respond to your queries.”