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Direct Debit Memberships for Hair and Beauty Salon, Spas and Clinics

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Direct Debit Memberships for Salons, Spas and Clinics

The best payments are the ones that keep coming in, on the regular, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Payleadr is tailor-made salon direct debit memberships. Seamlessly integrated with Simple Salon, it really is the easiest way to accept recurring payments for your membership or loyalty programme.

Completely secure and effortless to use, we make it easy for your customers to keep up their regular hair and beauty treatments.

  • Membership Packages - Sorted

    Provide membership options that suit the needs of your clients – with weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payment frequencies and direct debit, credit card and debit card payment options available. Best of all, you do not require a specialist merchant facility from your bank, we have that covered!

    With Payleadr’s fast settlements, you’ll receive your client funds the day the payment clears – meaning you can put the money to work in your business quickly, how good!

  • Set and Forget - Easy

    Just set it and forget it, we’ve got this.

    In addition to the payment processing, we handle all of the administration associated with recurring membership payments. From the membership terms and conditions to reporting, to answering client queries regarding their payments, to client follow up and re-billing in the case of a failed payment, we look after it all. Our platform means you can set it, forget it and focus on what you do best!


Payleadr For Your Salon, Spa or Clinic

No paperwork, no coding and zero technical ability required – Payleadr is a breeze to use. Our web-based platform makes direct debit memberships for salons, spas end clinics easy. This is the most convenient way for your business to generate strong, predictable recurring revenue, whilst rewarding your most loyal clients.

Set & forget direct debit payments for your salon: Payleadr is the ultimate billing system for your salon, spa or clinic membership plans.

fast & easy setup

How Payleadr Works With Your Salon, Spa or Clinic

Getting started with Payleadr is simple and seamless, so you can start benefiting from the benefits of membership revenue immediately.

Create your business profile, add your logo to provide your clients with a branded digital payments experience, easily update your services or change your prices, it’s easy whatever your technical ability or device.

On average, salon and clinic owners are able to create their business profile on the Payleadr platform in under 5 minutes.

Sounds simple right? It is! Here’s an example of the experience…

A salon owner, we’ll call her Skye Murphy, runs a hair and beauty salon we’ll call Studio Del Mar.

A beautiful contemporary hair salon in Sydney’s east. Skye’s salon offers a range of beauty services, including hair cuts, colour, skin treatments, blow-drys, extensions, treatments, blow-dry and balayage hair.

Here’s how Payleadr works for Skye.

Skye Creates Her
Business Profile

Logging in to the Payleadr platform for the first time, Skye simply uploads her salon logo to provide a branded payment experience for her clients, and then enters the details of her business bank account that she wishes to receive her client payments into.

Skye Configures Flexible
Payment Options For
Her Salon Services

Skye creates membership packages from a number of her salon services, using our elegant and intuitive web portal. Skye can set all pricing and payment options and can easily update these as her salon grows or changes. Once configured, clients can sign up to a Payleadr membership via QR code in the salon, via the salon website, or via unique SMS link.

Skye Customises Our SMS & Emails
Messages In Her
Unique Tone Of Voice

Our platform handles all payment-related communications with your customers, via automated SMS and Emails. To ensure that these communications are on brand, Skye easily customises these messages to align with her salons' tone of voice.

Stay Connected
All Day, Everyday With
24/7 Self Service

Skye, and her clients, can access their account details, and self-serve for account changes, 24/7 with Payleadr’s intuitive
merchant and customer portals.

Deliver a digital payment experience your clients will love, and optimise your business performance with easy to understand actionable insights.

  • 24/7 Online Client Sign-Ups

    Generate strong recurring revenue, even when your salon or clinic doors are shut! Payleadr’s online platform means you can secure new membership clients 24/7, 365 days of the year, how good!

  • Actionable Business Insights

    Payleadr’s portal will produce and display Actionable Insights, drawn from your live transaction data, to suggest ways to maximise your cashflow through structuring your payment arrangements in a way that ensures the best possible collection success rate.

How Recurring Membership Revenue Helps Grow Your Salon, Spa or Clinic

  • Predictability

    When you have a recurring direct debit business model, your ability to accurately predict future income is significantly enhanced.

  • Visibility

    Because of the nature of recurring revenue models, you have clear visibility into what is coming in the next week, month, quarter and year. You know where you stand well in advance.

  • Expense Management

    Predictability and visibility means you can manage your expenses more precisely relative to your revenue.

  • Valuation

    Because of the predictability and visibility factors, valuation multiples are radically different for recurring revenue businesses than any other revenue model.

The Payleadr Effect.
Quickly Calculate How Payleadr Guarantees Monthly Revenue & Instantly Increases Your Salon Business Valuation

Simply enter your current number of clients and the average annual spend to see how recurring payments increases your monthly revenue and boosts your business valuation.

Total Number of Salon Clients (slide)

- +


Avg. Annual Spend per Client (slide)

- +


Convert % of Salon Clients to Direct Debit Membership (slide)

- +


Est. Business Valuation without Direct Debit Memberships

Todays Secured Monthly Revenue

$ 0

Annual Revenue

$ 20,000

Est. Current Business Valuation1

$ 8,000

The Payleadr Effect

  • Rain, Hail or Shine: Secured Direct Debit Monthly Revenue2

    $ 83

  • Annual Revenue

    $ 20,000

  • Potential Increase In
    Business Valuation


  • Est. New Business

    $ 368,000

– 1 Based on a valuation of 0.38 x annual revenue (as estimated by Peak Business Valuation)
– 2 Revenue generated on a monthly basis via memberships
– 3 Assumes the recurring revenue portion from membership attracts an 3 x valuation

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