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Your Tribe has partnered with Payleadr to provide our members with access to a sensational range of affordable payment options. Payleadr payment plans are a way to provide our members with a range of fantastic benefits, including:


Access to Exclusive Member Offers from Our Awesome Partners

Payleadr has partnered with some of Australia’s coolest companies to provide you with access to a curated selection of exclusive offers! Our partners include:

Affordability and Flexibility

Payleadr allows you to establish a payment plan that best suits your personal circumstances – with payments processed on the day, and frequency that best suits your cashflow. Furthermore, with a choice of bank direct debit, debit card and credit card payment options you can pay the way the way you want to.

24/7 Account Access

With Payleadr, you have access to a secure online portal to track your account and update your payment method and contact details as required.


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By signing up to a membership below, you confirm your acceptance of the following terms:

Fees, Payment & Suspension

You agree to pay to Your Tribe weekly in advance in the amount as per your chosen Package Type (Fees), as advertised from time-to-time by Your Tribe. Your Tribe may charge any fee on a pro rata basis for any billing period that is not a whole week. You must complete a direct debit authority form and authorise Your Tribe to deduct from your bank or credit card the fees. Your Tribe may reasonably refuse to provide training to you if you have not paid the required fees.

You may suspend your fees no less than 48 hours’ written notice from the scheduled debit time, via email. For a period of up to 4 weeks.

Attendance, Membership Cancellation & Refunds

It is your responsibility to show up on time for booked training sessions. You may cancel booked training sessions with no less than 24 hours’ written notice from the scheduled start time, via email to: Refunds for fees paid for unattended training sessions will only be given where you provide a medical certificate showing that you were ill, injured or otherwise physically incapable of training, and where the training session was cancelled in accordance with above. No other refunds shall be offered, other than at the absolute discretion of Your Tribe. A minimum of two (2) weeks notice is required to cancel or terminate payment. You must send an email to advising us that you would like to cancel your membership, we always reply when we have processed your request. Two (2) more weekly payments will be deducted after the date of your notice.

Your Tribe Unlimited Training Package


Complete access to 8 training sessions each week
24/7 Support via our online forum
Nutritional education and guidance
Community atmosphere
Friendly group challenges
Accountability and support
Community events

$40.00 per week: Click here to sign up

$7 for 7 Days Introductory Offer

$7 for 7 Days Introductory Offer

Try our Unlimited Package for 7 days, risk free!

This offer is valid for new members only.

$7.00 (Single Payment): Click here to sign up

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