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The Payleadr Values

Another week, another finance sector scandal. This week it’s news out of New Zealand about the axing of a bank CEO over personal expense “irregularities”.  Once again, the media spotlight has been shone on corporate ethics, and on the public perception of those ethics, or apparent lack thereof, in the financial services sector.

At Payleadr, we believe that ethical behaviour can be broadly summarised by “doing the right thing”.  Seems simple right? We think so! We also believe that “doing the right thing” can be expanded on, which is what have done in describing the values that we live by as we work hard to deliver strong, sustainable growth to our business, our clients and our partners by delivering secure, reliable and innovative payment solutions that reduce friction on all sides of a transaction.

At Payleadr, we strive to embody the following values:

1. We do right by all stakeholders, particularly when it is hard.
2. We listen to our customers – they drive our innovation.
3. If we f&*k up, we front up!

Seems simple right? It should be. The danger with corporate values, however, is complacency – that they become a cliché, simply trotted out in new employee inductions and popped in a frame and put on the wall in the lobby of HQ.

We believe in going further, which is why these values drive our stakeholder interactions – be it with customers, suppliers, regulators, partners or shareholders, why they drive our product decisions and why they help us arrive at sometimes contentious decisions internally.

Will living by these values mean we don’t ever make mistakes? Definitely not, but when we do we will always adhere to value #3.  Accountability is key!

To learn more about the Payleadr difference, get in touch with us on (02) 9030 0309 or info@payleadr.com.


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“We have had an awesome experience working with Payleadr to get our direct debit platform up and running before the opening of our business. We would not hesitate to recommend Payleadr to other businesses. The platform is straightforward and simple to use and the support staff are quick to help and respond to your queries.”