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If cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, direct debit can aid circulation

Those who do business in Australia know that late payments are a big problem. In fact, Australian businesses, on average, are paid 26 days late. These delays can jeopardise a company’s cash flow, especially if that company is a small business. Indeed, 90% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues.

In this environment, companies need a better way to collect payments on time. Direct debit payment arrangements, in which payments are collected as the fall due directly from a customer’s bank account or credit card, are a good solution. However, the establishment of direct debit arrangements can be complex and costly and the ongoing administration can distract many businesses from their core product or service offerings.

Payleadr provides a system that automatically collects funds as they fall due and as a result, we are able to contribute towards greater financial peace of mind. Many businesses, small and large, know that reliable and predictable cash flow is necessary to keep everything functioning smoothly. Without adequate cash flow, businesses may be at risk of failing to pay their own suppliers, employees, and contractors, leading to reduced services or lower-quality goods.

A flexible direct debit payment system is therefore necessary to help many companies continue to offer attractive payment arrangements to their consumers without sacrificing their own ability to stay in business. The Payleadr platform also provides automated follow-up and payment re-attempts in the case of unsuccessful payments.

By collecting payments as they fall due, Payleadr’s system prevents businesses from being crippled by late payments. Best-in-market settlement speeds also means that Payleadr clients receive their funds the same day that a payment clears.

By providing a flexible system that benefits consumers and companies, Payleadr allows both parties to focus on their business relationship rather than their payment arrangement. Consumers using the system can commit to recurring payments, payable by credit card or bank direct debit on the day and frequency that best suits their own financial circumstances. They can, for example, align their payments with any pay day. On the other end, businesses can connect to the system and receive funds on a regular basis, smoothing cash flow throughout the year.

The time has come to make direct debit payments part of your business tool box. Any business that wants more predictable cash flow management and a more streamlined payment system should contact Payleadr for a consultation as soon as possible.


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“We have had an awesome experience working with Payleadr to get our direct debit platform up and running before the opening of our business. We would not hesitate to recommend Payleadr to other businesses. The platform is straightforward and simple to use and the support staff are quick to help and respond to your queries.”